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Speed Monitoring

Speed Monitoring October 19

When all the data had been downloaded and when the sign was facing Eastwards the data was very good, facing westwards there were problems, mainly due to it being close to a bend and being on the wrong side of the road. The total number of vehicles was down by a third and it only registered three cars an hour travelling over 35mph.

Facing Eastwards the data looked much more as expected picking up an average of 18 speeders per hour (over 35mph). As expected the peak numbers were seen around morning and evening rush hours.

It was also noticeable from the roadside that facing east many drivers slowed significantly at the sign, but when facing west this effect was not seen. When we get the sign back next month we will try both ways on Station Road.

Speedwatch has been on the A148 twice now at 09:00 on Friday and Saturday. On Friday standing by the elderly people sign near Pasture Close the traffic was well within the speed limit. Conversely standing outside Boughmore on the other side of the village many more drivers were speeding.

It was good to note that on both sites the traffic slowed very significantly when motorists saw a cluster of yellow vests on the road. The difference probably though, was that traffic coming from Fakenham could see us from a long way down the road and slowed in good time, whereas coming from Lynn, by the time they saw us they had already been clocked.

I had a few queries about the details we took when reporting to the Police Contact and have e-mailed her for advice, mostly about exactly how accurate and consistent our reportings have to be re Make, Colour and Time. (For anyone who hasn’t stood on the roadside, it is quite difficult to record all the information required in time before the vehicles disappear) Unfortunately, she only works Tuesday to Thursday and she has not got back to me yet.

Graham Rogerson

SAM1 weekday speeders per day Oct 19.png
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